Daikin Altherma Air Source Heat Pumps

Daikin Altherma is a domestic heating and hot water system based on air source heat pump (ASHP) technology.  It represents a flexible and cost-effective alternative to a fossil fuel boiler.


Daikin Altherma is a unique system that heats, produces domestic hot water and can even cool spaces. Daikin Altherma offers your customer maximum comfort the whole year round.

How does it work?
Heat pumps work on a well established principle known as vapour compression or refrigerant cycle. They work in much the same way as the common refrigerator, a technology already used in every household, but in reverse.

The air to water heat pump from Daikin
The air to water heat pump from Daikin extracts renewable heat from the outside air. The system consists of a closed circuit containing a refrigerant. A thermodynamic cycle is created through evaporation, condensation, compression and expansion.

Heat Pumps
A heat pump ‘pumps’ heat from a low to a high temperature level. The heat is then transferred via a heat exchanger to the hot water heating system (under floor heating, radiators or fan convectors), and to the hot water cylinder in the home.

Daikin Altherma
For every 1kW of electrical input Daikin Altherma will deliver between 3 to 5 kW of usable heat.  Daikin Altherma is technically superior to most other heat pumps because it has inverter technology and weather compensation built in as standard.

Inverter Compressor
Through the inverter control, Altherma is able to fully modulate the heating capacity of the system by reducing the compressor speed. This means that at any time Altherma is only producing the exact amount of heat required, therefore consuming less electricity.

Other Advantages from Inverter Compressor Technology

  • Altherma is able to modulate its capacity and therefore there is no need for the bulky buffer tanks (typically 100-200 litre capacity) that are required on many fixed speed systems
  • Low starting currents – no high in rush on start up, Altherma start current is always lower than the run current
  • All units are single phase – perfectly suited to domestic application
  • High efficiency – only uses what it needs
  • Less compressor on/off cycling – extends compressor life

Weather Compensation


Altherma has a weather compensation system as part of its control and so as the temperature outside increases and therefore the heating requirement reduces, it can control the temperature inside the home by regulating the flow temperature in the radiator or under floor heating system. This optimises energy usage without compromising the temperature inside the house or apartment, saving up to 30% in energy costs compared to those without weather compensation.

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