Stemming the flow of wasted water

Deva’s revolutionary Enviro-Klick basin taps are a simple yet effective way of conserving water and protecting our environment.

With three settings: off, reduced flow and half flow, the Enviro-Klick range can use substantially less water than a conventional bathroom tap.

When switched to the reduced flow settingup to 80% less water is used than by many conventional basin taps, meaning savings in terms of water and water bills.

We also supply Deva Satinjet shower heads which can save up to 13 litres of water per minute when compared to traditional Deva shower heads.

At James Hargreaves we want do all we can to conserve water, which is why Deva’s Enviro-Klick range of basin mixers and Satinjet shower heads, as well as the rest of the Deva commercial and domestic range of taps and showers, is available from all James Hargreaves plumbing depots.

Call into your local branch for more information or download the Deva product brochures below for more information.


Deva: working towards water conservation.


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