Making renewable heating work

Intaeco produce a range of heating and plumbing fittings specifically designed for renewable and low-carbon heating systems.

As more people turn to renewable energy sources due to both environmental and economic factors, Intaeco aim to provide the products which can help sustain the massive growth seen in the sustainable energy market.

James Hargreaves supplies all Intaeco products, including:

• Solar heating system pump stations and controllers
• Thermostatic mixing valves
• Cylinder expansion vessels
• Ground source heat pump manifolds
• Ground loop array fill and flush stations
• Under-floor heating manifolds
• Heat pump mixer sets
• Under-floor heating control systems
• Under-floor blending valves
• Flow regulators for commercial, public and domestic taps

We also supply the IntaSol solar hot water diverter, which allows a solar hot water system to work alongside and combination boiler or instant hot water heater. The valve supplies solar heated hot water when available, but diverts the flow to the combination boiler/ instant water heater whenever the solar system cannot supply the demand for domestic hot water.

IntaSol ensures that you can reap the benefits of a carbon neutral solar thermal heating system withiut having to scrap your perfectly good combi boiler and enjoy the convenience of constant and instant hot water. It is for this reason that IntaSol took first prize at the 2010 H&V News Awards.

As a sister company to heating component manufacturer Altecnic and anti-scald washroom fitting producer Inta, Intaeco have a great pedigree and aim to provide safe, high quality renewable heating components and practical, reliable support to installers as the sustainable energy market explodes.

Call into your local James Hargreaves Plumbing Depot where we can supply an Intaeco product to complement any renewable heating system.


Intaeco: All about sustainable energy.


Brand assets

Intaeco brochure 2010 section one – solar products
Intaeco brochure 2010 section two – underfloor heating products
Intaeco brochure 2010 section three – geothermal, ground source heat pump products
Intaeco brochure 2010 section four – water treatment products
The Intaeco book of underfloor heating – products and price guide

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