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Kensa are the UK’s only manufacturer of a full range of GSHP’s (ground source heat pumps) capable of space heating and producing domestic hot water

Kensa’s design and install heat pumps specifically for the UK market and also produce models for the commercial as well as domestic sector.

The heat pumps manufactured and installed by Kensa gather low grade heat from the ground and use it to effectively run central heating and hot water systems.

Kensa heat pumps can also gather stored solar heat from water sources such as ponds and lakes, and are extremely economical, delivering 3-4 times as much thermal energy as is used in electricity to power it.

For more information on the advantages of Kensa heat pumps and the range available download the product literature below or speak to a Renewable Energy Consultant in your local James Hargreaves Plumbing Depot.


Responsible, renewable heating.


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