Plastic piping for a greener future

In addition to their wide range of flexible plumbing and piping systems, Polypipe also produce a range of top quality sustainable energy and water conservation systems.

Polypipe’s range of under-floor heating systems are ideal for use with renewable energy heating systems due to the lower operating temperatures they produce.

Whether installing in a new build or retrofitting into an existing property, Polypipe have an under-floor heating system that’s right for the job.

Not only do Polypipe’s under-floor heating systems allow for the effective use of low and zero carbon heating methods, but they also produce:

• Rainstream domestic rainwater harvesting systems which can save you up to 50% of your annual potable water usage by using rainwater for gardening, laundry, flushing WCs and other uses
• Geothermal piping systems for ground source heat pumps
• TDI cavity closers for bridging cavity’s in external walls, reducing heat loss by up to 25%
• Insulated loft hatches which reduce heat loss through lofts and roof spaces

Polypipe’s plastic piping systems are fully recyclable and leave a smaller carbon footprint than traditional copper plumbing pipe as their production requires no mining and their lighter weight makes for more economical transport.

Polypipe’s range of products can really help you to be greener and reduce your homes impact on the environment.

Polypipe: connecting you to sustainability.


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