Government Renewable Heating Incentive

Rebates planned for eco-friendly heating…


Proof that sustainability pays

The Government’s proposed Renewable Energy Incentive scheme aims to reward those who invest in sustainable heating and energy solutions from April 2011.

The first of its kind in the world, the scheme aims to bridge the gap between conventional and renewable heating systems by paying a rebate based on the number amount of heat produced per year (in kWh’s).

Based on this system, a typical 2 bedroom semi-detached property with a ground source heat pump could receive £1,000 per year over 23 years. Commercial and public sector buildings are eligible to benefit from the scheme as well as domestic properties.

The average home is expected to make a net profit of £600 through the scheme, and it is hoped that by 2020 12% of the UK’s heat will be generated by renewable energy sources, as opposed to the 1% currently generated.

The scheme has been earmarked for launch from April 2011, but renewable energy solutions installed after 15 July 2009 will be eligible for claims under the RHI when it goes live.

For more information on the scheme, visit the official website at, where you can see the proposed tariffs and energy solutions to be involved.

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