Biomass (wood burning) boilers

Burning a hole in your carbon emissions

Biomass is organic matter of recent origins, and does not include fossil fuels. When discussing biomass in terms of heating solutions we usually mean wooden pellets, chips or logs from sustainable forests.

This is considered to be a carbon neutral fuel as the carbon produced upon combustion is offset by the replanting of trees.

Wood fuelled domestic and commercial heating

James Hargreaves supply light commercial and domestic biomass boilers which burn wooden logs, chips and pellets, and are capable of supplying heat for heating systems and water heating.

Wood burning biomass boilers supplied by James Hargreaves can run at up to 94% efficiency and are a viable alternative to fossil fuel fired systems. Many also incorporate self loading systems for fuel which cut the need for regular manual loading.

Things to consider

• Wood burning stoves and boilers are a carbon neutral energy source as long as the wood burned is sourced from a sustained forest

 The wood used is cheaper in comparison to other fuels such as gas or oil if it is sourced locally. However, if wood cannot be sourced locally and has to be delivered any reductions in your carbon emissions could be undermined

We can supply a whole range of efficient wood burning boilers and stoves to meet all your heating needs from leading manufacturers. Click on their logos below for brand information and to download their product literature.

For more information on biomass heating and the benefits they offer speak to one of our James Hargreaves Renewable Energy Consultants. Call us or make an appointment at your local branch today.

James Hargreaves: helping you to burn a hole in your carbon emissions.

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