Ground Source Heat Pumps

Down to earth renewable energy

Ground source heat pumps (GSHP’s) harness the Sun’s heat which is stored within the ground and use it for space heating and to heat domestic hot water (DHW).

The pump collects heat stored in the ground by passing a water/anti-freeze refrigerant mixture through an array of pipes which are either buried within the ground or fed down deep boreholes.

This refrigerant carries heat to the GSHP where the heat is removed and compressed to a higher temperature suitable for use in heating the heating system and/or DHW.

The now cooled refrigerant is then pumped back out through the piping array while more warmed liquid enters the pump.

Advantages of GSHP’s:

• GSHP’s produce 3 – 4 times the amount of thermal energy than electricity required to power them meaning that they are 300% – 400% efficient.
• The carbon emissions involved are low and can be negated by using renewable electricity to power the pump.
• Grants and renewable energy incentives are available to homeowners to help cover costs.
• Many of the GSHPs sold by James Hargreaves can be used in reverse to cool your home.

Things to consider:

• GSHP’s operate at lower temperatures than traditional boilers, and are therefore more compatible with underfloor heating, which can operate at lower temperatures than radiator
• You must have land at your disposal for a trench or borehole. It may be up to a year before the ground settles enough to allow re-seeding and agricultural activity.
• The geology of the site should be checked by your installer to gauge its suitability for a heat exchanger.
• Installation can be expensive due to the groundwork involved. The installed cost of a typical system can be measured in terms of around £1,000 per kilowatt required.
• As ground source heat pumps require electricity to run, they are not a carbon neutral heating solution. For completely carbon neutral heating using a ground source heat pump you must use renewably-generated electricity to run it.

At James Hargreaves we supply heat pumps from a range of manufacturers and can help you to heat your home cheaply, effectively and responsibly. Follow any of our suppliers’ logos below to download product literature and see the GSHP options we have available. All our GSHP’s are also certified under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS).

Call or drop into your local branch to arrange an appointment with a James Hargreaves Renewable Energy Consultant for more information.

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