Solar Thermal

Using the power of the Sun to heat your home

Solar thermal systems can provide around a third of your home’s annual hot water, with the rest being provided by a boiler or immersion heater.

These systems work by harnessing the sun’s radiation to warm a heat transfer fluid. This fluid is then circulated through a coil in your solar hot water cylinder to heat DHW (domestic hot water).

Solar thermal heating systems can also heat central heating systems, but given the nature of solar thermal heating the most heat is generated in summer months when central heating is not usually required.

Advantages of solar thermal heating:

• These systems work throughout the year, not just in summer when sunlight is at its strongest.
• Solar collectors harness radiation from the sun, not light, so a solar panel will work even on a rainy or overcast day.
• Sunlight is free, and so is all the water heated by a solar thermal system.
• Solar Thermal systems release no harmful CO2 and are environmentally friendly.


• You’ll need 3-4 square metres of roof space facing east to west through south and receives direct sunlight for the majority of the day. One panel can be installed facing east and one west, though this will increase costs.
• Solar hot water cylinders are larger than conventional models. You must ensure that you have enough space to upgrade.
• Most conventional boilers and water cylinders are compatible with solar water heating, though Combination boilers are not. James Hargreaves can provide combination boiler conversion kits, but you will need to buy a solar cylinder.
• It is likely that you will require planning permission for solar collectors should your property be a Listed Building or within a Conservation Area. Consult your local authority for details.

For more details about our fully industry accredited solar thermal systems and to find out just how much you can trim from your carbon footprint and heating bills by harnessing solar energy drop in or contact us at your local James Hargreaves Plumbing Depot and arrange to speak to our Renewable Energy Consultant.

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